Domestic Gilbert & Alice.

I was waiting for a human like you.
"Lacie, back then I didn't even know the name of the person who gave me life.I want to show you how grateful I am even though   my words can't reach you anymore."


There was never anything I could have done;


Some small wips of  little fanart i’m working on
Originally i wanted to draw Break (because of Retrace 92 *sobbs*) but as soon as I tried to draw him I literally broke out in tears…
So I did Alice and plush-Oz instead.

When I manage to stop crying wehever I think about Break now, I’ll draw him.
And give the picture to my friend who loves him so much and made me love him too.

I know it looks like I forgot to draw her other hand. But it’s only coverd by her arm and a part of Oz’s bow… (I tried it out, because even I thought it looks strange… and it works like this, so yeah…)


Please don’t take my sunshine away.

Alice Baskerville | Volume 22, Omake